Sunday, May 22, 2011

Easter and the Peeps!

My niece and I love Peeps.  Any kind of Peeps.  Oh, her husband likes them too so I have to send her Peeps marked 'Dave - DO NOT TOUCH'  (she can share if she wants but sometimes he eats them and leaves her an empty Peeps container).  So I send her Peeps of all sorts - this year I found the purple Peeps - she used to love purple stuff but I'm not sure if she still does or not.  But that's OK.
 Well, this year, the Peeps just kept sitting on the counter waiting to be mailed and somehow, I'm still not sure how, the box was opened and we ate them.  Well, Sam and Millie sniffed them. Sam actually bit one and then ran away.  The only human in the house ate the rest of them.

Therefore, the only true connoisseur of Peeps in this house must be me.   AND I"M PROUD OF IT.

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